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Update on Cargill and UTZ CERTIFIED sustainability initiative (21/11/2008)

A year ago we announced the start of our initiative with UTZ CERTIFIED alongside other industry stakeholders and NGOs to establish a mainstream sustainability programme for cocoa. Certified sustainable cocoa

The programme, which will be independently certified, is working towards setting up a more sustainable cocoa supply chain by working with farmer groups to improve agricultural, social and environmental practices.

The Code of Conduct was developed with public consultation earlier this year. Since the summer we are introducing the Code with two farmer cooperatives in Côte d'Ivoire. In partnership with the national rural development agency ANADER, we are training 2,700 farmers at these coops. This training, which is being welcomed by local farmers, is helping improve crop quality and yields, thus improving incomes for these farmers and their families. These trainings will help refine the programme for further roll-out across the country.

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