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CRS update: Cargill cocoa education centre in Indonesia (21/1/2009)

One million cocoa trees for Sulawesi
Cargill farmer training

As part of our ongoing programme to improve the quality and yield of local cocoa bean crops, we have recently established a Cocoa Education Centre, in Gowa, South Sulawesi with the specific aim of encouraging local farmers to plant cocoa in new and different areas. Working together with the local government we have set up a seedling house with the capacity for approximately 100,000 trees per planting period and which employs the best seedling technology in Indonesia. Once the seedling trees are ready they are distributed by the government for free to the farmers, who then receive ongoing training from Cargill and the government. In total one million trees will be distributed during the next two years. In our five hectares model plantation we demonstrate best practice tree maintenance and side grafting.

Educational support

In addition to the Cocoa Education Centre, we have established an elementary school to provide a basic education for the children of the local farmers, which also serves as a technical training institute for the farmers after school hours. Sessions on cocoa and fermentation practice are run to improve farming practices and, ultimately, the quality of the Sulawesi cocoa bean crop.

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