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New Gerkens® single origin cocoa powders from Brazil (21/1/2009)

We are always looking to extend our product range to bring you new and different taste profiles and are now introducing 2 new single origin, lightly alkalised cocoa powders from Brazil:

"Amazone" - produced with 100% Brazilian cocoa beans grown along the banks of the Amazon river in the Para region. Cocoa from this region is characterised by its unique, sweet flavour.

"Ocean" - produced with 100% Brazilian cocoa beans from the Bahia region. This cocoa area has been associated with cocoa farming for over one hundred years. The close proximity to the ocean and the high rainfall creates a flavour which is traditionally strong and rich.

These new cocoa powders are a great addition to our premium quality single origin ranges produced in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire. If you are you interested, contact your account manager for more information on taste profiles, availability and prices.

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