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A new lexicon for odour, colour and taste! (2/4/2009)

Cargill chocolate sensory expert panel

Wormer's in-house sensory expert panel, established by the technical service department last September, enables the taste of a product to be 'measured'. For high quality products and the ultimate consumer experience, taste profiles are just as important as all other technical and microbial characteristics so our sensory research can significantly improve the overall service to our customers; by contributing to New Product Development research, helping with taste discussions with the customer and advising on quality issues.

The panel consists of 15 employees, from the different departments within the cocoa and chocolate business of Cargill, who demonstrated the best taste and odour sensitivity and also flavour recognition. Employees were invited to join the selection tests for the sensory panel in August 2008. Those who passed the tests then undertook extensive training to become a member of the sensory panel.

An external expert assisted Cargill in setting up the training programme. Panellists were trained in different sensory tests; such as triangle tests and quantitative descriptive analyses. They tasted hundreds of cocoa products and discussed the many different tastes and odours which cocoa exhibits. The panel developed a 'sensory dictionary' following these discussions which has been used since January for taste profiling. Watch this space for more information and developments in sensory profiling from Cargill!

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