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Chocolate goes organic! (2/4/2009)

Cargill chocolate

As part of our new product offering we have developed a range of delicious organic chocolate.

Our objective was to produce the very best taste using organic materials in order to re-create "classic, high quality" recipes with that little extra "organic kick". In this recipe we have achieved this target with the taste and the extended flavour profile.

The milk recipe is based on our best selling recipe, as used by artisans and discerning industrial users.

  • The milk chocolate taste is rich and creamy with a positive but not over-powering cocoa note and an almost "caramel / honey" flavour from long conching.
  • The product handling is exactly the same as normal, good quality milk recipes.
  • The recipe contains a minimum of 30% cocoa solids and 20% minimum milk solids (giving the rich, creamy mouth feel).
  • At 33.8% total fat this recipe will be multi-purpose for spinning, thin enrobing and moulding.
  • This recipe is based on an almost universal enrobing milk chocolate, so issues of label and product compatibility will be minimised on your plant change overs.

The plain recipe contains just over 60% total cocoa solids.

  • With over 57% of first rate organic cocoa liquor, this chocolate will have a good, powerful taste without being bitter. Whilst the initial cocoa taste is very complex and forceful and seems to be heading toward an extremely high cocoa solids type of recipe, just before that point of being "too bitter /strong" the power "slackens off" and then a splendidly rich and fruity flavour is experienced against a semi-sweet background of organic sugar.
  • The flavour of this plain recipe is enhanced by an extremely long after-taste (several minutes) echoing on the palate without a trace of bitterness.
  • This chocolate has been refined to a low particle size (same as milk) to ensure maximum taste penetration on the surface of your tongue.
  • The product handling is exactly the same as normal, good quality plain recipes.
  • The 35% of total fat will allow this recipe to be used for spinning, enrobing and moulding.

We believe our extended range will offer you new and different ways to delight your consumers with the delicious taste of organic chocolate.

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