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New to our range: Gerkens® Ghana cocoa powder! (8/6/2009)

In November we celebrated the official opening of our new plant in Ghana. After months of testing and fine-tuning we are now proud to introduce to you our new range of Gerkens Ghana cocoa powders:

  • Gerkens Ghana 10/12% GHN - non alkalised
  • Gerkens Ghana 10/12% GHL - lightly alkalised
  • Gerkens Ghana 10/12% GHR - highly alkalised

Our flavour experts have described the unique taste of Gerkens Ghana cocoa powder as mild and rounded with a really "chocolaty" flavour, which provides a high quality product that can significantly improve the taste experience.

The combination of Ghanaian beans, known to be amongst the best in the world, and Cargill's sophisticated processing techniques results in top quality ingredients for your products. So far the feedback has been very positive - If you would like to try the great taste of Ghana, contact your account manager.

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