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Chocolate pilot lines up and running in Mouscron and Deventer (24/8/2009)

In response to customers' needs we have two pilot plants available, located in Mouscron, Belgium and Deventer, The Netherlands, for chocolate and fillings/coatings which offer a reduced scale version of our manufacturing plants.

A team of six technicians, including our "Maître chocolatier", together with our R&D group run these mini plants in two shifts, five days a week. This enables us to produce over 1000 customised samples a year providing our customers with ongoing innovation, recipe optimization and new ingredient evaluation.

Our new pilot lines offer a number of key advantages:

  • pre-production trials to eliminate any product or process issues prior to full scale industrial trials
  • samples can be prepared to suit specific requirements, from a few hundred grams up to 200kgs
  • customers can evaluate their chocolate sample in/on their final product
  • we can demonstrate the extensive range of options available such as enrobing or moulding for biscuits or confectionery items.
  • customers' technicians can be trained on aspects of chocolate, fillings and coatings processing, formulations and applications.

In addition to this, our technicians have direct access to our chocolate range with over 200 different choices varying in colour, composition and shape. Our application centers located in Vilvoorde, Belgium (confectionery and biscuits/bakery) and Baupte, France (dairy/ice-cream) can also provide a valuable resource. In these centers we have the capability to prepare not only more complex customers' prototypes (ice-cream dipping test, baked products, aerated products) but also to evaluate the final product (texture, aspect, sensory attributes, shelf life determination).

Our pilot lines provide significant benefits to our customers and enable us to extend our development capabilities to better meet the needs of our customers. For more information please contact your account manager.

Pilot lines up and running in Mouscron and Deventer
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