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Quality Cocoa Extracts from Cargill Flavor Systems (24/8/2009)

Although the name is only three years old, Cargill Flavor Systems has more than a century of knowledge on flavor innovation and application. With the acquisition of Degussa Food Ingredients Cargill Flavor Systems became a leader in natural cocoa extracts. This extended Cargill's product offerings into a new sector within the cocoa and chocolate industry. Cocoa extracts provide the pure taste of cocoa with minimal fats, proteins and minerals. Our principal cocoa extracts are concentrated liquids and pastes that are generally soluble in water and fats.

Quality Cocoa Extracts from Cargill Flavor Systems

Cocoa extract is used in applications such as bakery, cream liquor, ice cream, puddings, desserts and chocolate drinks:

  • to boost the cocoa taste
  • for ease of application
  • to improve solubility
  • to boost the cocoa odour
  • to bring consistency in flavour
  • Cocoa extract is produced by mixing cocoa powder with water or ethanol and stirring it over heat to release the flavour. This broth is then passed through a custom-made filter to remove any grains. Whilst these steps may seem rather simplistic the quality of the end product is affected at each stage by the temperature, pressure or charge ratio used in the extraction process. The final step is the concentration of the extract by evaporation.

    The quality of the cocoa powder and the careful management of the many different variables in the process is what makes our product so unique and guarantees only the highest quality cocoa extract. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our cocoa extracts.

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