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Featuring the Utz-certified co-operatives (15/9/2009)

For this pilot we selected two co-operatives to work with:

Co-operative Agricole de Fiédifoué (CADF) is located in the Daloa region, 450 km from the capital, Abidjan. It was founded in February 2004 and mainly produces cocoa and a small quantity of coffee. Of the 1260 farmers in the co-operative, 790 complied with the first year targets set out in UTZ's code of conduct and were therefore certified.

Coopaga is situated in the San Pedro region and was founded in 1999. Of the 1214 farmers in this co-op 800 complied with UTZ's requirements in the first year.

Mbra Kouakou (Vice president of Coopaga) "We are very proud to be the first UTZ certified coop. Coopaga wants concrete actions and to continually move forward and this project will satisfy our farmers. Thanks to Cargill, working hand in hand, we will reach our goal of sustainability".

First cocoa co-operatives receive UTZ certification

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