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Training provides the answer to fading cocoa quality and long term sustainability (15/9/2009)

Cargill farmer training

The decline in the quality of cocoa beans and the social and financial conditions of the cocoa farmers have been among our major concerns for many years. To tackle this, we have been running training programmes for farmers to improve agricultural practices in countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Cameroon and of course, the most important provider of cocoa, Côte d'Ivoire with the aim of improving the quality and yield for a better income in return.

Conducting these training programmes is a costly and labour intensive process due to the fragmentation of the farmers and the poor infrastructure of the countries. Nonetheless, we are committed to the programme and determined to continue roll it out having seen the superior quality, the increased yield and the improved standard of living the farmers have experienced as a result.

With the UTZ certification we now have independent proof and recognition that our scheme works. By collaborating with UTZ CERTIFIED we have paved the way for others and helped responsible sourcing and sustainability to become the normal practice in the mainstream.

Harold Poelma - Managing Director Cocoa

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