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Kitchen labs in Turkey and China (12/10/2009)

We have recently established kitchen labs locally in both China and Turkey which now allows us to offer our customers in China and Turkey the same quality technical service that other customers currently enjoy elsewhere. With our technical service specialists in place and the expertise of our local food businesses (Sweeteners, Texturizers and Flavours) we are now able to provide tailor made to the local needs:

  • Product and process support
  • Recipe development advice
  • Optimisation solutions
  • Rapid response to sample requests

With kitchen labs in place our technical experts can work together with technical specialists from our customers on common projects. It eliminates any potential language barriers and ensures effective and efficient communication to help build successful, long term partnerships with our local customers. Being embedded in the area will also assure we are fully aware of local market trends and developments, ensuring we create applications and innovations to suit local consumer needs.

We look forward to welcoming our customers to our new labs and inviting them to future product presentations or to specially tailored customer programmes. For more information on these new technical facilities, please contact your account manager.

Kitchen labs in Turkey and China
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