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ICIX: a NEW online service for efficient sharing of certification and compliance documents (12/10/2009)


At Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate we understand our customers' obligations to manage quality assurance and compliance documentation. To ease these processes we have been working with a new online service available called iCiX which makes it possible to share information on products, certification and compliance documents online with our customers.

The iCiX system allows our customers to proactively monitor posted documentation via the Internet. This improves efficiency, reduces liabilities and eliminates unnecessary inefficiencies and administration expenses associated with managing this documentation process. It also removes the need for paper-based supplier programmes.

iCiX (International Compliance Information Exchange) is an online Industry Network that harmonizes the way in which companies can store, share and manage documentation, information and communications with other companies that they do business with; easily accurately and constantly.

It is essentially an "on-line filing cabinet" as it stores "compliance relationship" documents. These would include documents which our customers typically request and we would normally e-mail or fax to them such as:


  • Product specifications
  • Customer Specific Questionnaires
  • Quality certifications
  • Kosher and Halal certificates
  • GMO letters
  • Allergen statements
  • MSDS's (safety data)
  • Flowcharts
  • Declarations
  • Emergency communications
  • 3rd party audit reports (after confidentiality agreement)

If you would like to use this online system you will first need to subscribe for basic membership of iCiX. For more information visit the website;

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