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Cargill provides chocolate lovers a new, healthier indulgence. (15/12/2009)

Last November at the FIE in Frankfurt, Cargill presented an exciting, new and healthier way to indulge chocolate lovers with a 30% reduction in calories in both dark and milk chocolate.

Cargill chocolate

With obesity increasing worldwide, calorie intake is becoming one of the greatest concerns for consumers. However, chocolate is considered an indulgence and consumers don't believe a healthy version of their favourite treat exists. So far, the alternatives with 'sugar reduced' or 'no sugar added' have not become mainstream. This is partly due to the fact that none of these chocolates can claim 'reduced calorie' on the packaging.

But consumers are still looking for the pure indulgence and sensorial emotions with their chocolate experience. but with fewer calories.

Cargill's reduced calorie chocolate prototypes are the result of many years of research and development in both zero calorie sweeteners (e.g. Erythritol) and chocolate applications. These prototypes use Cargill patented technology to mask the cooling effect of the Erythritol in the chocolate application. This significant reduction in calories enables manufacturers to use the 'reduced calorie' claim for the first time in the EU.

These chocolates have already attracted the attention of many visitors at the show, but as with all the best things in life, you will have to be patient, as this new generation of chocolate will be ready for launch in summer 2010.

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