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'Wild seduction inside' (09/12/2010)

Any filling for any application

From rich hazelnut to tangy yoghurt to chocolate in any shade, the fillings from our Center of Expertise in Deventer, the Netherlands, come in all the best flavours you can think of. On-site know-how and the ability to handle a wide range of ingredients result in an astonishing variety. Applications include not only chocolate and confectionery but bakery, biscuits, cereals (in line with the latest 3-mcpd requirements) and ice cream.

Since the remodeled plant was opened over a year ago, creative partnerships with customers have resulted in some remarkable products, including organic hazelnut; coloured and flavoured fillings for ice cream that remain soft in the application; and bake-stable fillings that keep their creamy texture. In flavours, our specialties include hazelnut, yoghurt, caramel, white base fillings and of course chocolate.

Our technicians can draw on the latest R&D from different divisions within Cargill, using specialized sugars and sweeteners, texturizers, emulsifiers and fats. Fine-tuning with natural flavours from Cargill Flavor Systems completes the perfect combination.

Fillings can be customized according to specifications or created to order if you are ready to introduce something entirely new.

To learn more, contact your account manager or request our new leaflet, “Fillings: Wild Seduction Inside.”

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