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Global Corporate Responsibility Report available (29/10/2010)

Cargill has released its 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, highlighting the company's efforts in food safety, responsible supply chains, environmental innovation, rural development, workplace safety and community engagement.

"Cargill's purpose is to be the global leader in nourishing people while creating distinctive value. We cannot easily achieve either without a commitment to livable, sustainable communities," said Greg Page, Cargill’s CEO.

The report details Cargill’s efforts to improve nutrition and health, provide access to education, encourage stewardship of natural resources and foster sustainable economic development in its supply chains.

Among the activities highlighted in the report:

  • Commitment to food safety
  • Partnership with The Nature Conservancy to support farmers working toward compliance with the Brazilian Forest Code
  • Reductions in environmental impact, including cutting greenhouse gas emissions
  • Work to improve farmer productivity and enrich rural communities

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