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Off the Shelf Chocolate (13/09/2010)

Chocolate in good shape!

Fast, efficient delivery? The right products in the right quantity? A new solid chocolate service from Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate makes ordering smaller quantities of chocolate easy.

Off the Shelf ChocolateOff the Shelf Chocolate

‘Off the Shelf Chocolate’ is a supply of our most popular chocolate products that can be offered quickly in deliveries starting at just one pallet. It is not a gourmet range but a way of providing some of Cargill’s most trusted and best selling chocolate varieties, in manageable quantities, to smaller users.

The service is especially designed for our customers in areas such as bakery, confectionery and ice cream. In particular, customers of Cargill’s Gerkens® cocoa powders can now have all their powder and chocolate needs met by a single supplier – a ‘one-stop’ solution for powder and solid chocolate. Off the Shelf Chocolate can be ordered through our chocolate sales force as well as from the cocoa powder team.

Cargill constantly monitors the market prices for cocoa, milk and sugar, to make sure it can offer its customers high quality chocolate at the best value. For convenient use, Off the Shelf Chocolate is available in a variety of shapes, including buttons, drops, sticks, chunks, flakes and splinters, in dark, milk and white chocolate.

To find out more visit Off the shelf or contact your account manager.

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