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Easier sustainability reporting with Sedex (13/09/2010)

Customer focus on corporate responsibility and sustainability is intensifying, with many suppliers now using questionnaires about sustainable sourcing. At Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, we understand that these questionnaires reflect the desire to assess supply chain risks and compare performance across competing suppliers. Although our businesses have a long history of responding promptly, the number of questionnaires received and detail required are growing exponentially, as is the administrative burden and cost of responding.

To optimize the value of the process by minimizing the administrative work and distraction caused by multiple questionnaires, we have joined the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange Service (Sedex). Sedex is a not-for-profit organization that has established a comprehensive and standardized ethical practices questionnaire and a secure electronic repository for responses.

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The questionnaire covers business ethics, worker health and safety, and environmental and labour issues. Responses to the Sedex questionnaire are solicited from Cargill facilities once per reporting period. Cargill then grants our customers access to responses in the Sedex repository.

More information on the Sedex system and membership details can be found at We hope the new system will increase transparency as we continue to further improve our supply chain service levels.

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