Cargill cracks it! Truly putting the 'instant' into instant cocoa drink mixes (21/04/2011)

Nynke Hopmans, MSc, food technologist at Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate and one of the inventors of this new cocoa powder breakthrough.

For more information read our press release (PDF)

With our new dispersible cocoa powder Cargill is the first to solve the technological challenges of making instant drink mixes that dissolve quickly and easily in cold drink applications. Responding to market demand, food specialists at Cargill's cocoa technology center in Wormer, with help from the R&D center in Vilvoorde, have delivered a breakthrough in cocoa technology.

This innovation allows instant drink mixes to disappear twice as quickly below the surface of a cold liquid (wettability) while dispersing evenly through the liquid (dispersibility). These are vital improvements that our customers have been looking at for many years. Performance will be maintained throughout the product's shelf life, something that doesn't hold true for existing instant products. Drink mixes using Cargill's new dispersible cocoa powders are truly putting the 'instant' into instant cocoa drinks.

An additional advantage of our new dispersible cocoa powder is that it allows for a combination of recipes, such as lower amounts of sugar to decrease calories or increased cocoa powder content for stronger chocolate taste.

Response from customers and the trade media has been enthusiastic. With a number of patents pending, we will be in the unique position to bring this innovation to market in 2012, complementing our existing premium Gerkens® cocoa powder range.