Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

New easy-access packaging for coatings (1/09/2011)

Our center of expertise for coatings and fillings in Deventer provides innovative products for every imaginable application. Now they come in improved, easy-access packaging as well. Many coatings and fillings are delivered in solid form. Depending on customers' requirements, they can be ordered in a wide range of sizes and packaging materials, including 5kg blocks which are vacuum sealed in white plastic.

We have now added an even more accessible packaging for the coatings: 5kg and 10kg blocks in blue plastic sealed with special easy-peel-off plastic film. The film closes tightly, but peels off as easy as can be. And like our existing 5kg blocks, the product is vacuum packed to guarantee food safety and minimize atmospheric exposure.

If you are using our 5kg blocks in white plastic and would like to try this convenient new packaging, please contact your sales manager.

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