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Good taste of Ghana delights the world (1/09/2011)

Ghanaian cocoa beans have long been regarded as among the finest in the world. And our Gerkens® Ghana cocoa powder has been correspondingly successful. Since its launch in 2008, the cocoa powder with its popular mild and rounded flavour has found its way to consumers all over the world, including China, the USA and Europe.

This spring the plant in Tema, near the capital Accra, set a new record. For more than 20 weeks in a row production volumes far surpassed design capacity, while all products achieved specifications equal to those of the world's highest quality producers. At a time when exports from Côte d'Ivoire were restricted, this allowed us to meet all our customers' needs with excellent Ghanaian powder.

The secret of Gerkens® Ghana's success is the combination of high quality beans and Cargill's many years of expertise in cocoa processing. Offered as part of the Gerkens® global range, the powders proudly carry the slogan 'The good taste of Ghana'.

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