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Dobla and Cargill: partners in sustainability (1/09/2011)


Wobbe Feenstra

Family-owned Dutch company Dobla, the market-leading producer of high quality specialist chocolate decorations, has been a customer of Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate for over 10 years. All of the chocolate they purchase from Cargill is UTZ Certified. This reflects the obligation they feel as the market leader to lead the way on sustainability, as well as the wider attitude of the company concerning social responsibility.

On the relationship with Cargill, Dobla operations manager Wobbe Feenstra commented: "We have dealt with Cargill for over 10 years and when we said we wanted to switch to sustainable chocolate they were quickly able to make this happen for us. That's typical of our relationship with them.

"They have a way of dealing with orders, a simple, quick, no fuss approach. Cargill is easy to deal with and I don't have to spend my time chasing them up to make sure things are right."

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