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Vietnam: a new origin country for sustainable cocoa (18/02/2011)

Cargill's commitment to developing a sustainable cocoa sector in Vietnam is beginning to bear fruit. The first farmer cooperatives have achieved UTZ certification, and the first sustainable cocoa beans have arrived. This new crop will help meet growing demand for sustainable chocolate.

In 2004, Cargill, along with the Dutch government and other partners, began setting up a cocoa supply chain in Vietnam. The aim was to establish a new origin country for high quality cocoa beans as well as a new source of income for Vietnam's farmers. Along with building seedling houses and training farmers in best agricultural practices, Cargill's additional roles were to create an effective and transparent pricing system and market Vietnamese cocoa worldwide.

Since we started work in Vietnam a total of 12,000 farmers have received training. This has laid a solid foundation for the recent start of training for UTZ certification. The first results are now here: three plantations were audited and received certification in January 2011, with more expected to follow.

All these developments together will lead to a supply of 600 mt of certified sustainable cocoa beans in 2011. This new origin country's total cocoa crop will have grown from less than 20 mt at the start of the project to approximately 2,500 mt this year.

Our lead in building the cocoa sector in Vietnam was recently recognized with an award from Vietnam's minister of agriculture, Cao Duc Phat, which we were very proud to accept.

To celebrate success, we will hold a ceremony with local officials and the certified farmers on February 22.

» For more information read our press release (PDF)

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