Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

Expanding Gerkens®Holland (08/07/2011)

At our Gerkens® Holland cocoa powder plant in Wormer, work continues on a multiple-year construction project. The expansion emphasizes Cargill's dedication to quality. It will give room to broaden our product portfolio with specialty cocoa powders, and allow us to better serve customers by increasing availability of the premium Gerkens® Holland cocoa powders.

The project began in 2009 and is now going into its final phase, with work scheduled for completion early next year. In May the expansion reached an important milestone: the replacement of the tempering vessels and installation of an automated packaging line. With the project team working day and night, we were able to make a full stop followed by a smooth return to production.

The project also includes technical improvements to Cargill's two cocoa processing plants in Zaandam, to provide the additional liquor that is needed for the expansion. In addition, new ultramodern lab facilities have been installed and are already in full use. These include new micro and technical labs for product control, an application lab to provide product development and recipe formulation services for customers, and an innovation lab to generate breakthrough developments in cocoa and chocolate. The result is a true center for customer service and innovation.

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