Update: Sustainable cocoa programs (20/10/2011)

  • 23 farmer cooperatives certified in September
  • another 60,000 farmers will benefit from Cargill's training programs in '11/12
  • doubling the number of farmer field schools to 1,100

In preventing cocoa shortages over the long term, supporting the needs of cocoa farmers and serving our customers with certified sustainable products, we are making enormous strides. During the "crop year" that ended in September, our teams on the ground partnered with NGOs and local cooperatives to provide training to another 25,000 cocoa farmers in Côte d'Ivoire. As a result, 23 more cooperatives achieved UTZ Certification in September. Despite the crises they have gone through, the farmers engagement with the programs is impressive and heartening. And we are sharply increasing the scale of our efforts, because we are convinced that farmer training strengthens cocoa farmers' skills and is an important contribution towards sustainable agricultural practices. In the coming crop year 60,000 farmers will benefit from Cargill's training programs, while the number of schools will double to 1,100. This major drive forward is aligned with our target of 100,000 mt of cocoa beans from Côte d'Ivoire in 2014/15 — beans to turn into delicious certified sustainable cocoa and chocolate products for our customers.

Along with Côte d'Ivoire we continue our programs in Vietnam and Cameroon and are looking to establish programs in other major cocoa producing countries. With our presence and network on the ground, we will continue to support farmers, communities, and the future of cocoa.