New products to tickle the imagination (20/10/2011)

From our coatings & fillings and chocolate product lines we are excited to introduce five new products: three fine hazelnut varieties, a delicious mocha chocolate paste, and a caramel coating and filling.

In the hazelnut product family, we begin with a new luxury product, authentic Gianduja, a milk chocolate with a high percentage of hazelnut paste . Its Italian history makes it very popular in Italy, as well as in the UK, US and Germany.

We also offer a new chocolate with hazelnut paste, highly valued for its taste, enhanced mouth feel and creaminess. It is available with 0.5 percent to maximum 40 percent hazelnut content. In addition, to meet customer's requests for cost-effective yet high-quality products, we have developed a brand-new hazelnut filling with 30 percent hazelnuts but 100 percent taste experience, applicable in mousses, creams and bavaroises.

With our new chocolate with mocha paste, we step into the market trend for coffee flavours. This chocolate can be used in a variety of applications, including confectionery, biscuit and ice cream.

Building on the demand for more Americanized flavours, we have a new caramel coating and filling, suitable for a wide range of applications and developed with natural flavours and colouring, that contribute delicious added value to high-end products.

We strive to go beyond our customers' expectations using our T-model approach: the broad range of food ingredient know-how available across Cargill meets our deep expertise in cocoa and chocolate. This T-model enables us to deliver breakthrough products or improve existing
recipes —to keep consumers coming back for more.