Supplier award from Mars China (22/02/2012)

Shaughan Kennedy (left) and Nicolas Seegmuller (right)

We were delighted to be honoured recently with the Ensuring Responsible Supply Award, which is presented every two years to a supplier by Mars China. It is high recognition for the infrastructures Cargill has put in place to bring cocoa to the market that has been grown in a sustainable and responsible manner and to the highest possible quality.

Shaughan Kennedy, Mars China's Vice President of R&D, said, "We are impressed by the way Cargill fulfills its commitment to promoting cocoa supply sustainability through improving farmer livelihood, supporting local communities and minimizing environmental impact."

Nicolas Seegmüller, Commercial Director Asia Pacific, accepted the award for Cargill in a highly positive atmosphere. He comments, "We are glad to see our efforts in sustainability making a difference for our customers."