New: Off the Shelf chocolate with UTZ label (05/06/2012)


To fulfill growing customer demand for certified sustainable products, we have now made chocolate with the UTZ Certified label available in our easy-access Off The Shelf range. This addition allows all our customers to take part in a sustainable future.

Off the Shelf (OTS) is a range of chocolate products in solid form, which customers can order from one pallet per item. It is chocolate with our well-known quality, delivered fast to each and every customer.

The addition to the OTS range lets our customers easily buy delicious chocolate made from cocoa supplied by farmers under the Cargill Sustainable Cocoa Program—chocolate that consumers can enjoy and feel good about.

The chocolate buttons with UTZ Certified label, in 10 kg boxes, come in our signature tastes in milk (Lactée Equilibre), dark (Noir58) and white (Blanc Equilibre).