Launch of sustainable cocoa program in Indonesia (05/11/2012)

Sustainable Cocoa in Indonesia

Hamsah, one of the farmers from the Abadi Jaya Farmers’ Organisation, commented: “By using the information and techniques learned through the Farmer Field Schools I will be able to have a healthier farm with higher yields, and ultimately by becoming certified I will receive a premium payment for my crop.”


The launch of Cargill’s leading sustainable cocoa program in Sulawesi marks an important step in developing sustainable cocoa production and increasing the yields of farmers in Indonesia – the world’s third largest producer of cocoa beans.

The Indonesia program builds on the on-going success of Cargill’s activities to develop sustainable cocoa supply chains in Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Ghana, Brazil and Vietnam.

The first step in Cargill’s program will establish Farmer Field Schools to teach farmers good agricultural practices to help improve yields, enhance the quality of cocoa and increase their incomes. The Farmer Field Schools will also train farmers on best practices for pest and disease control – an important element in Indonesia where currently it is estimated over 50 per cent of the cocoa crop is lost to pests and diseases according to Cargill’s Crop Research Analysts. 

Taco Terheijden, our Manager, Sustainable Cocoa explains: “Our world leading program is mutually beneficial for local farmers and Cargill. By improving farmers’ productivity and bean quality, profitability will increase and improve the living standards for farmers and their families. At the same time it helps to realise our goal to develop a sustainable cocoa supply chain and improve the quality of cocoa for our customers.”

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