Introducing the Cargill Cocoa Promise (12/03/2013)

The first area is farmer training, which includes initiatives like our Farmer Field Schools, designed to increase productivity and yield. Training programmes will have benefitted nearly 100,000 farmers by the end of 2013.

Community support, the second area, includes provision of wellbeing and education services to communities in partnership with agencies like CARE International, and promoting the rights of children.

The third area, farm development, is about environmental practices with programmes including co-sponsorship of CocoaLink, which uses mobile technology to advise Ghanaian communities on good agricultural practices see the article in this newsletter for more on this.


We've refreshed our sustainable cocoa program to maximise the benefits for you and for origin countries. The Cargill Cocoa Promise is our commitment to working together for tomorrow's cocoa – by supporting farming communities around the world, in partnership with our customers, NGOs and governments. Going beyond certification, our Promise focuses on the real challenges faced by cocoa producing communities around the world, and the areas where we can make most difference – namely farmer training, community support and farm development.

We promise to make a tangible difference to farmers, communities and farms by increasing the volume of sustainable cocoa available to our customers. By promoting sustainable practices with cocoa farmers, we help them to increase their yield – which can, in turn, help them to increase their income. It also helps us to secure the supply of cocoa long into the future.

The Cargill Cocoa Promise focuses on three main areas in origin countries to deliver benefits for all of our stakeholders.