Introducing Caramel Equilibre: The latest premium ingredient for your chocolate innovation (06/05/2013)

We're proud to unveil a new addition to our chocolate portfolio: Caramel Equilibre, a double indulgence that brings together Belgian white chocolate with real dairy caramel in one unique product.

Using consumer insight, our chocolate experts have developed a product that will help you to create great products. There's been a spectacular increase in caramel ranges across food lines in recent years, and we know that consumers genuinely love traditional, comforting dairy caramel.

Both the taste and colour of Caramel Equilibre stand out, as they're more closely matched to real caramel than other similar products – providing a feast for consumers' eyes – and their tastebuds!

The product is as versatile as it is distinctive, and is perfect for creating bars, biscuits, desserts and ice creams. We're confident that Caramel Equilibre will soon become enduringly popular as a way to enhance your chocolate innovation.

If you'd like to find out more about Caramel Equilibre, get in touch with your sales agent to request a sample of the product. Alternatively, download the Caramel Equilibre product information sheet from our website –