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Corporate responsibility

At Cargill, corporate responsibility is a process of continually improving our standards, actions and practices. It is a company-wide commitment to work with and in our communities to tackle complex economic, environmental and social challenges.

In the cocoa and chocolate supply chain our long-standing practices on corporate responsibility are bearing fruit. We have been among the first to initiate a wide variety of activities to ensure cocoa is grown in a sustainable and responsible way to the highest quality possible.

Through our training programs we engage with the cocoa farmers. These programs focus on good agricultural practices and support farmers to achieve higher yields and better quality beans. This in turn brings higher income and better living standards to the farmers and their families. To reinforce our efforts we have committed to the UTZ Certified ‘Good Inside’ cocoa initiative to establish and implement a world-wide certification and traceability system. UTZ Certified cocoa beans are independently audited to ensure a sustainable and transparent cocoa supply chain.

Because our business depends upon the growth and health of the cocoa communities and our partners, we focus on making cocoa farmers more successful, now and for generations to come.

Video Certified sustainability

"Since we have been in the certification process we can see a real change when we visit the cocoa farms. The farmers who have not yet followed the training program can see the benefits of better farming practices and increased productivity, and they too now want to be enrolled."

--Yao Konan, general secretary of the Fiédifoué coooperative, Côte d'Ivoire

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