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Gerkens® Cold Dispersible

A new product innovation in cocoa powder that greatly improves wettability and dispersibility in cold drink mix applications.

Instant cocoa drink mixes made with Gerkens® Cold dispersible cocoa powder disappear twice as quickly below the surface of the liquid (wettability) and disperse evenly throughout the liquid (dispersibility).

What's more, unlike existing powders, this performance will be maintained over time. Whether the mix is prepared one month, six months or a year after production – it keeps its superior wettability.


Inspiration for new recipes

In traditional mixes a large amount of sugar is needed to enable the cocoa powder to mix with the cold fluid. With the unique technology of Gerkens® Cold Dispersible cocoa powder we have made it possible to either decrease sugar content or increase cocoa powder content. This potential to vary the amounts of cocoa and sugar opens up a world of opportunities for our customers to extend their product portfolio, creating customized recipes that are healthier (lower in sugar) or have a richer cocoa taste.

With Gerkens® Cold Dispersible Cargill has put the 'instant' into cold instant cocoa drink mixes.

Video of demonstration

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A cold instant drink mix made with Gerkens® Cold Dispersible cocoa powder (left glass) shows superior wettability and dispersibility compared to existing mixes (right glass)

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