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Dutch Dark powders

We are very proud to present to you our Gerkens® range of Dutch Dark premium cocoa powders which uniquely combines an intense dark colour with a smooth chocolaty taste.

  • The new Dutch Dark powders are available both in high fat as well as low fat and in different colour varieties, giving you the opportunity to innovate and develop new recipes with an intense colour in various applications.
  • With Gerkens® Dutch Dark, your recipes can be developed with less sugar content and still have a great cocoa taste. Because of the pure and delicious taste of this special dark range, less sugar is needed in the final recipe to mask the usual roughness and bitterness of dark powders.
  • The Dutch Dark powders are produced in our leading European cocoa factory in Wormer, Holland. This factory is the original home of the trusted Gerkens® powders.

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Our long-trusted Gerkens® brand is the proud inventor of the Dutch Dark cocoa powders

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Color & Taste  Intense dark cocoa powder with a smooth chocolaty taste
Production The Netherlands
Fat content DS150 is available in: 10-12%, 20-22% or 22-24%
pH   8.5 +/- 0.2 
Fineness min. 99.8% (75 µm )
Moisture max. 4.5%
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