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Origin² chocolate

Chocolate consumers are fast becoming chocolate connoisseurs. They enjoy seeking out high quality, authentic products and experiencing new flavors. To satisfy the most sophisticated chocolate lover, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate has developed Origin² as an addition to its origin chocolate line.

Origin² chocolates create an intense taste experience by combining two characteristic ingredients from the same origin country: cocoa en vanilla. The Origin² combination from Papua New Guinea has a very masculine taste profile, with a peppery top note, while the Madagascar Origin² chocolate is sweet, smooth and sophisticated. This innovation also has a double origin. It results from Cargill's deep cocoa and chocolate expertise plus the broad knowledge of flavors centered in Cargill Flavor Systems.

Cargill cocoa bean bag New ultra modern Cargill plant

Distinctive flavors

Origin² chocolates deliver an authentic taste and powerful story that reflect their unique heritage.

"It all begins with knowing where to consistently source the finest cocoas that produce the most suitable flavors. We've been investing in our supply chain for years. Alongside our chocolate know-how, this is an area where we at Cargill lead the way."
--Filip Buggenhout,
Managing Director Chocolate

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